The All New HTC One has its pricing, camera details, and screen size confirmed

Another day, another leak about the upcoming All New HTC One – but you’re probably used to this by now. We’re exactly two weeks from HTC’s big official unveiling of its next flagship smartphone, so expect the leaks to intensify as time goes by (yes, even more).

This time around we have the first pricing details for the device, alongside a confirmation of its long-leaked screen size and resolution, and a quick explainer on what that dual-sensor camera will bring to the table. All of this information comes from a leaked brochure put together by Australian carrier Telstra, in anticipation of the phone’s release.

all new HTC One Telstra leak

So, without further ado, you should know that The All New HTC One will actually be called The All New HTC One. We’ve ‘confirmed‘ this once before through an ad in the UK, and now here it is again. Next up, it will feature a 5-inch 1080p Full HD touchscreen, taking things up a notch from the 4.7-inch panel in the original One from last year. The resolution stays the same, though, so no QHD display here (not that it was ever rumored for something like that to make it to the new One).

The interesting dual-lens camera will get the marketing name of Duo Camera, and, just as expected, it will allow you to change focus in pictures you’ve already taken. You can “highlight what you love, soften backgrounds, and add 3D effects”. This camera will also reportedly take better night-time shots than the UltraPixel unit in the One from last year.

The stereo front-facing speakers are still going to be called BoomSound, and the new HTC Sense 6.0 will bring with it the ability to wake up the phone via a double tap – something LG and Nokia have been doing for a while. Finally, the all new HTC One will be all-metal, just as everyone already thought.

If you’re in Australia, you’ll be able to grab one from Telstra for AUD 840 outright, which currently is something like $758 and €547. Pricing may (and certainly will) differ across other regions and countries, so don’t make too much out of this. Still, if it arrives in Europe with a similar ask, it may be cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2. We’ll have to wait and see, though.

Via GSM Arena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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