ZTE Grand S Ext appears in leaked renders

What comes next in ZTE’s Grand S line, after the original Grand S from last year and the Grand S II that was announced this January? Well, it may be the Grand S Ext. No, really, that’s its name – and if we ‘eat’ one space, it becomes the Grand Sext. ZTE sure likes to put stupid names on some of its phones – see the Iconic Phablet, which so far has thankfully only been launched as the Boost Max.

So maybe the Sext won’t be the Sext either when it gets to the stores. When that will happen, by the way, is anyone’s guess. In fact, we don’t know much about it yet, but thanks to a leak from a design directory we can show it to you. Here it is:


It certainly looks nice in those renders. Apparently the Grand S Ext will be the first smartphone to use something called Nano Molding Technology, or NMT. That essentially means it’s made out of both metal and plastic, injected together into the mold. That sounds interesting, and it’s said to result in a cheaper shell than if only metal was used, while at the same time ‘feeling’ premium, metal-y in the hand – even though it’s half-plastic.

The Grand S Ext will have wireless charging support, with a wireless charger pictured above standing below it. It’s also got quite the chamfer, and 100% unknown specs at the moment. It should come out at some point this year, though, so that’s reassuring.

Via Android Police


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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