Original HTC One may remain on sale at a more affordable price even after the all new One launches

It’s not at all surprising to see a phone maker keep a past flagship device around even after its successor launches, and sell it at a lower price as a sort of upper-midrange offering. Apple has pioneered this model (at least in the US), where last year’s iPhone was still on sale after this year’s handset launched, yet for $100 less than before (that changed with the iPhone 5C replacing the iPhone 5, but underneath they’re pretty similar anyway). Samsung’s also used this strategy rather successfully for its Galaxy S line – even now you can still buy a brand new Galaxy S III, a device launched two years ago. That will change after the Galaxy S5 arrives in stores, but even then the S4 will be around as a cheaper alternative.

Now it seems HTC wants to play this game too. According to “a source close to a popular mobile phone retail chain”, the Taiwanese company is currently in talks with its retail and carrier partners about doing just such a thing – namely, keeping the original HTC One from last year on sale even after the new model becomes available.


The all new HTC One will be announced on March 25, and it’s set to be out a couple of weeks or so after that. It features improved specs compared to its predecessor, though it looks pretty similar. Keeping the original One around and making it cheaper than it ever was may do wonders for HTC’s sales numbers, since many more people will then be able to afford a premium-looking high-end Android smartphone (which the 2013 One still is even in this day and age).

This makes a lot of sense for HTC, so we’re hoping the aforementioned source turns out to have been right about it.

Via Phones Review

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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