Unlocked HTC One now just $499.99, $75 cheaper than before

One of the clear signs that a new flagship device is on the way is when its predecessor gets a price cut. Usually this happens just a few weeks before the new phone arrives, and it’s apparently no different in the case of the HTC One. The new version will be unveiled on March 25, and in the meantime the old HTC One from last year has received a price cut in its unlocked form.

HTC itself is now selling last year’s One for $499.99 sans contract or any kind of long-term commitment with a carrier. That compares nicely to the $574.99 that used to be this handset’s price up until now, but it’s a bit much to ask for a device that will effectively be obsoleted next month.

HTC One unlocked cheaper

Then again, HTC may keep the original One for sale even after the new model launches, in which case you should expect the 2013 phone to become even cheaper – in order for it to fill a midrange role. This would be akin to what Samsung usually does with its Galaxy S flagships, and what Apple used to do with its old phones before last year.

So it’s probably not a great idea to buy an unlocked HTC One for $499.99. It’s likely that it will become even cheaper soon, or you might come to crave its successor, which will be out in a few weeks.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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