ZTE chooses to announce the Nubia X6 on the same day as the new HTC One

In a pretty odd move, ZTE decided that the only day of the year in which it could officially unveil the Nubia X6 was the same day in which HTC will have its big event for the all new One: March 25. Generally, smartphone makers want to make sure that no other big events are scheduled on the same day in which they want to introduce a new device, but there have been exceptions to this rule. Notably, when big shows such as CES, MWC, or IFA take place, many different things get announced on the same day. And Google has been known to troll some of its competitors from time to time by holding events on the same day as them.

It’s unclear whether ZTE is doing this as a power play against HTC, or if it wants the Nubia X6 to become famous simply by association with that date. Regardless, this is one brand that the Chinese company has so far kept confined to China and the US, so it’s unlikely that the Nubia X6 would impact the all new One’s launch very much.

ZTE Nubia X6 invite

The Nubia X6 has so far been rumored to come with support for all possible network technologies – LTE, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA, as well as GSM. So that means all three Chinese carriers will likely get a version of the handset. Specs that have already been confirmed by ZTE include wireless charging support, and a rear camera with optical image stabilization. Some other leaks talked about a 13 or 16 MP main camera, and a 6-inch (or larger) screen with 1080p Full HD resolution, or perhaps even 2,560×1,440 QHD. More things should be leaking in the near future now that the launch date has been set.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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