The All New HTC One will be available in the UK on March 25, the day of its announcement

HTC has a very important event in exactly one week from today. On March 25, the Taiwanese smartphone maker will finally unveil the “all new” One, its flagship smartphone for this year. However, this announcement will likely contain absolutely no surprises, as the new HTC One has been leaked literally dozens of times already. We know its specs, we know what it will look like, we basically already know everything about it.

So how could HTC make March 25 a memorable day for the tech world? Well, apparently by actually releasing the smartphone on that same day. Carphone Warehouse, the UK’s biggest third party mobile phone retailer, has just announced that it will start selling the new HTC One on March 25 at around 4 pm UK time.

The All New HTC One leaked render

This will only happen in “selected stores”, namely six Carphone Warehouse stores in London. Westfield Stratford, Westfield White City, Oxford Circus, Centrepoint and Tottenham Court Road, as well as the Carphone Warehouse at Selfridges.

Limited as it may be, this launch will happen merely minutes after the official unveiling event is over, something even Apple has never managed to do so far. Though it’s unclear right now whether this is going to be a UK-only thing, a Carphone-only thing, or if HTC will have the same strategy in more markets. Regardless, it’s a nice feat to pull, and we may even see a person or two queuing for the new One next week.

Image via @evleaks

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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