Verizon stores receive promo materials for the new HTC One, may launch it the day of the unveiling

In the UK, the all new HTC One will be in stores ready to buy just minutes after its official announcement on March 25 finishes (at least in some locations). This development was certainly unexpected and may compensate in a way for the dozens of leaks of the new HTC One that we’ve seen over the past few months. Samsung, for example, announced the Galaxy S5 a month and a half before its release date, and supposedly only started mass producing it after that, whereas HTC clearly already has the new One being made as you read this, getting ready for the big day next Tuesday.

The rapid launch may not happen just in the UK, though – happily for those of you in the US. Verizon, in fact, could also have it up for order at least at 1 pm Eastern on March 25. That’s clearly what the image below implies, while it’s showing a leaked promo material that has supposedly already arrived in some Verizon stores.


And here’s another promo thingie (this time a flyer) for the all new HTC One, also leaked:


Of course, we’ve already known that the new HTC One was headed to Big Red, thanks to numerous past rumors and leaks, but this is as good a confirmation as any ahead of an official introduction – which will obviously happen next week.

Via Android Central and Phandroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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