The all new HTC One will be exclusive to Verizon for a couple of weeks

A few days ago we found out that Verizon stores had started receiving promo materials for this year’s HTC One, a smartphone that’s finally due to be unveiled officially tomorrow. Furthermore, it looked like the carrier nicknamed Big Red was getting ready to start selling the all new One tomorrow, on the day of its announcement.

Since it’s widely expected that the all new HTC One will be sold by all the big US carriers, we naturally assumed that March 25 could be the release date for all of them. That may not be the case though, for a tipster told HTC Source that Verizon will have an exclusive on the all new HTC One for a couple of weeks following its unveiling.


So if you’d like to purchase a new One tomorrow, minutes after it gets official, you’ll only be able to do that at Verizon. The same goes for the next period of time. If true, this would be quite a feat for Big Red.

Apparently the actual official global release for the new HTC One will also happen around two weeks after tomorrow, which is when the other US carriers will get it too.

Verizon’s pricing for the all new HTC One still hasn’t leaked, but we expect it to be $199.99 with a two-year contract and around $600 sans any long-term agreement.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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