HTC One M8 Mini coming, one carrier says

Last year the sidekick to HTC’s One was the One Mini – a lower-end and smaller version of the flagship smartphone. Or, some may say, just a lookalike with wildly different specs. This is after all what most manufacturers (with the one notable exception being Sony) have done when creating such Mini handsets – take the flagship’s design, make it fit a smaller package, and use midrange specs all-round.

Will it be the same this year? Well, LG’s already disappointed the world with its G2 Mini, so why not? While it’s unclear yet what specs HTC will choose for it, a Mini version of the One M8 is apparently on the way. This was revealed by Swedish carrier Telia in a blog post regarding HD voice, and more specifically which phones have support for this technology.


In the list we see the HTC One and One Mini from last year, but also the HTC M8 and M8 Mini. So… that settles it, right? Add in the fact that famed leakster of all things mobile @evleaks also chimed in recently implying that an M8 Mini was on the way, also pour in some common sense logic – and you’ve got yourself a pretty believable hypothesis.

After all, phone makers love sequels. So an M8 Mini wouldn’t surprise us in the least.

Via Swedroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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