Moto G Forte launches in Mexico, isn’t a rugged version of the smartphone after all

Only a few days after it got leaked, the Moto G Forte has been made official in Mexico today. Late last month when we first heard about it, we were wondering whether it was really going to be a ruggedized version of the Moto G, or perhaps just a bundle deal whereas you’d get a free case with a new (and ‘vanilla’) Moto G.

Want to guess which one it actually is? No, Motorola hasn’t announced a new smartphone. So yes, this is nothing more than a good old Moto G bundled with a Grip Shell Case, exactly what we suspected a few days ago, given the image we had to go by.

Moto G Forte official

It’s unclear whether this deal will ever make it to countries other than Mexico, but it’s clearly not much to get excited about. You could have purchased these two items separately before, now they’re being offered together. Not a big deal, really. Which makes us wonder why Motorola had to use a new brand for what is essentially just a bundle deal. We may never know, but hey, if you’re in Mexico and want to get both a Moto G and a Grip Shell Case, you can now buy a Moto G Forte.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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