Sony Xperia Z2 officially launches in the UK on May 1, but some retailers will have it next week

Sony announced the Xperia Z2 back in February, but so far the company’s newest flagship has only had a very limited release. The Xperia Z2 has been plagued by little delay after little delay, and it’s only going to be out in the UK on May 1. That’s still quite a long way off, but if you live in the UK and desperately want one, there is apparently something you can do to get it quicker. Much quicker. As soon as next week, in fact.

The trick is to go and pre-order an Xperia Z2 from Carphone Warehouse, the well known high street mobile device retailer. Do this via its website, and the brand new Xperia Z2 should be delivered to you sometime during next week. So this way, you’ll get your Xperia Z2 around two weeks before everyone else (or at least everyone else that hasn’t done this exact same thing).

Sony Xperia Z2

Phones 4u, perhaps the Carphone Warehouse’s biggest competitor, says it will start shipping the Xperia Z2 next week too. So if Carphone Warehouse isn’t to your liking for whatever reason, you’re still in luck.

Unfortunately at the moment neither retailer is being more specific than this, so whether they’ll start shipping their Z2 units on Monday April 14 or nearer to the end of the week remains to be seen.

Via Pocket-lint

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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