Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III Android 4.4 KitKat updates still coming, new time frame outed

So far, Samsung has only brought Android 4.4 KitKat updates to the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 – its two newest flagships (the Galaxy S5 doesn’t count, since that already runs the newest software version). Naturally then, people are wondering when such updates may be made available for other, older handsets such as the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III.

Wondering the same thing, someone in Samsung’s native South Korea contacted the company’s customer support inquiring about rough time frames for the release of the updates. And they got an answer.


Apparently the rollout for the KitKat update for the Galaxy Note II will commence in mid-April, while the Galaxy S III should be expecting the new bits in late April or early May. However, there’s something we need to mention here. These things only apply to South Korea right now.

Furthermore, there’s been some controversy regarding the KitKat update for the Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s clear that it will happen for devices sold in the US, but elsewhere things are more murky. At one point we heard that the international, non-LTE version of the handset wouldn’t be receiving the KitKat update, while another purported leak said it would. And this latter info lines up with the update release time frames that Samsung’s Korean customer support team just gave out, so maybe all the S III models out there will get it?

That would certainly be nice, but let’s keep in mind that there is a possibility that only the LTE-capable Samsung Galaxy S III variations out there will ever get to taste KitKat. Unless Samsung releases an official statement on the matter, speculation is all we have for now.

Via Ruliweb Via G4Games

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Philip Butin

    I have an ATT Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and this update is a major step backwards (read “disaster”) for me. 1) With KitKat, the phone can no longer read my [older] bluetooth keyboard, which worked well on 4.3. 2) Apparently with KitKat I cannot save files to my storage card anymore–some of the buzz is that there is a “new protocol for SD cards?” Maybe someone out there can help me with this. 3) It is incorrect that you now “have the option” to choose a default messaging app. That option has always been there. Rather, you are forced to choose a default every time you open a messaging app, so if you (like I) used to enjoy using different messaging apps for different purposes, you are now forced to change the default in order to even use a specific app. 4) My old Quickoffice Pro program will no longer save documents to either the cloud or the SD card, so it is now useless. This may not be Kitkat–it could also be Google deliberately murdering this program (it bought the company, made the program free, and then changed it to work only on Google drive). But since the OS is Android and Google=Android and it all happened when I installed the KitKat OS, I think the buck still stops at the same place ultimately. The one gain for me is that it does seem that the GPS problem is fixed. ATT, please address these problems asap!

  • Attila Farkaš

    God damn fucking samsung

  • Matt Josephson

    Do I want kit kat? Why is there only two comments here? Prior to reading Phillip Butin’s post I was looking forward to getting Kit kat on my Note 2. I was hoping my battery usage would improve. Now I’m not so sure I want this update. I would like more facts and comments on this.

  • koen401

    Hey I’m looking forward to it. First off. My note 2 sites in charging mode longer than it lasts in my pocket. The right side of the screen doesn’t work. Also, my wifi keeps dropping even when I’m sitting in the same room as the modem. Before Samsung downgraded my cell to the jellybean software, It was dream come true that a phone could be so perfect…
    Now not so much, now it’s the slimmest looking brick and is a pig on power!!!