HTC might launch a plastic version of the One M8

HTC loves to brag about the new One M8‘s unibody metal construction, and how that makes it feel a lot more ‘premium’ than its main competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S5. But the Taiwanese company may soon be launching a plastic version of the One M8, if a new report from China is to be believed.

Don’t, however, read the following without a healthy dose of salt nearby, as for now this is just an unconfirmed rumor and nothing more. The story goes that HTC will soon come out with a plastic version of its newest flagship, and will sell that in China (maybe in even more places, but there’s nothing specific about other countries).

If you’re wondering why HTC might do such a thing, the answer is simple: price. The One M8, great as it may feel in the hand, is priced in China at a whopping 5,299 yuan (which means about $852 or €616 at the current exchange rates). That’s a lot to swallow for a market that’s used to seeing handsets with flagship specs sell for a lot less.


So, in order to compete with Chinese smartphone brands and their wares, HTC will introduce the plastic version of its flagship, which it will sell for a much more reasonable 3,000 yuan (or around $482 or €349).

Inside, this new device should be more or less identical to the One M8, and the overall design language will be incredibly similar too. It will just be made out of a different (and much cheaper) material, that’s all.

For now, it’s unclear if it will use the One brand too, or if HTC will choose to use its Butterfly brand instead – one that has had a reasonable amount of success in Asia already.

The plastic HTC One M8 will apparently be unveiled sometime next month. Obviously with this move HTC wants to dramatically increase its market share in China, now the world’s biggest smartphone market. And given that Samsung’s also-plastic Galaxy S5 is being offered for around the same (high) price as the One M8 is, the new plastic flagship from HTC might just be a success. Let’s not jump to conclusions just yet though. After all, this could all simply be someone’s imagination at work. We’ll keep you posted.

Via TMTPost

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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