Next Google Nexus smartphone may be powered by MediaTek

File this one under “crazier things have happened in the mobile world”, will you? The latest rumor originating in China says Google will choose MediaTek as the chipset supplier for the next Nexus smartphone. Now that may seem unlikely given how much everyone uses Qualcomm chips these days, but remember that Google did turn to TI for the processor in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

MediaTek is the up-and-coming mobile chipset maker, so Google looking its way certainly makes a certain degree of sense. If this does happen, perhaps Google will also persuade the Taiwanese company to release sources for its chips, so that more custom ROM development may happen on MTK-based devices.


Anyway, MediaTek is known for its cheap chipsets, and not for them being too high-end, so we should expect this Nexus handset to be incredibly cheap, right? Right. The report says it might get sold for as little as $100. That’s a bit hard to swallow, unless you consider that this may not be “the next Nexus” as in the successor to the Nexus 5, but maybe something to go alongside it – something akin to Xiaomi’s Hongmi / Redmi line of cheap devices.

In that case, pairing the MediaTek processor with other lower-midrange specs may allow Google to have a very cheap smartphone indeed, though $100 is still pushing it – even the aforementioned Hongmi is more expensive than that.

For now this is nothing but a rumor, though, so keep your sodium nearby and don’t let it go before we get a more believable confirmation.

Via MTKsj

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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