HTC Nexus 8 rumored again, coming in Q3

Many times so far it has been rumored that Google would release an 8-inch Nexus tablet this year. Some rumors said it would serve as the successor to the 2013 Nexus 7 made by Asus, others talked about an 8.9-inch offering possibly being sold alongside a new 7-incher.

It might just be the former option that materializes. And, unlike what many past mumblings have said, it apparently will be HTC, not Asus, making this Nexus 8 for Google.

Asus has made the two Nexus 7 iterations for the search giant, so its name was used in connection with this new project a few times, but apparently the company wants to push its own-brand tablets this year and didn’t agree to Google’s terms for the Nexus 8 (it looks like Google wants to have all the “initiative” during development).


So Google went to HTC, and this time it didn’t get rejected (the story goes that before contracting Asus for the first Nexus 7, Google asked HTC to do it but the company was too busy pushing its smartphones and declined).

The Nexus 8 will sport “a new design”, whatever that might mean, and the infamous “sources from the upstream supply chain” say it will be out sometime during the third quarter (so July to September).

Finally, it’s been said that Google is “not very aggressive” about this Nexus 8 tablet, since the two generations of the Nexus 7 served their purpose of making Android tablets mainstream. Hence, the Nexus 8 launching this year may be the last Nexus tablet.

As the story around this tablet has shifted so many times until now, it’s clearly a good idea not to take anything you read about it too seriously, at least until two consecutive rumors manage to fully agree with each other.

Via DigiTimes

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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