LG G Watch will be available in June for €199

LG’s first smartwatch will use Android Wear, Google’s new software platform for wearables. The Korean company has been teasing the G Watch here and there for a few weeks now, but so far there was no information (not even leaks) about when to expect it in stores or how much it would cost.

That changes now, though. LG’s arm in France confirmed to Les Numeriques that the G Watch will become available in June for €199. This information is obviously valid only for France, but we assume that more European countries (at least the biggest economies) should see it in stores around the same time for the same price.


As for the US, obviously LG should take the G Watch across the pond, and if past mobile device launches taught us anything, it’s to expect it to be priced at $199.

This means the G Watch is exactly as expensive as Samsung’s new Gear 2, which is hardly surprising given how much LG likes to ’emulate’ what Samsung does. The G Watch does however feature a big plus compared to its competitor – the Android Wear platform has the potential to become much bigger than the Tizen-based software that Samsung uses for the new Gear.

Then again, consumers may not come to terms with $199/€199 pricing for smartwatches this time around either. We’ll have to wait and see.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • TalishaWickens

    I want to Purchase it Product for LG in the June for the e 199.

  • Nserve98

    Sounds like a whole lot of crazy smack to me dude.