OnePlus One general availability slated for late June

The OnePlus One was officially announced a week ago, but while we then got its full specs and many good-looking images, there have still been questions about availability. The first 100 units are going to winners of an odd “smash your old phone” competition, but what about everyone else?

Well, we already knew that there would be an invite system at work – this is OnePlus’ way of not having to deal with pre-orders and extended periods of the One being out of stock. Though begging here and there to get an invite to then buy a product (cheap as it may be) hardly sounds appealing to us.

Anyway, the invite system is here to stay, but the good news is that sometime in late June you’ll apparently be able to get an invite pretty easy. It’s unclear what exactly that means, but we assume that OnePlus will then issue invites – or something like that.

OnePlus One

Why in late June? Because that’s when the company expects to have the One more generally available, based on its new and revised production schedule. In mid to late May, the first batch of invitees will get their 16 GB units, in early June a “larger” batch of the 64 GB model is expected, and that will be followed “later in June” by “increased general availability”.

This all comes from OnePlus exec Carl Pei, so it’s as official as it can be. It’s definitely a weird distribution model, this, but let’s at least give props to OnePlus for trying something new.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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