Samsung Galaxy S5 developer edition (for Verizon) now available for $599

On April 11, when the Samsung Galaxy S5 launched across the world, we first heard about a developer version of the handset that would at some point be offered for use on Verizon’s network.

And today the day has come for that particular SKU to become available. It can be ordered straight from Samsung’s own online store, and you’ll have to shell out no less than $599 to get one. That said, for some reason you’ll only be able to see the price after you’ve added the handset to your cart.

It’s nice to see a developer edition Samsung phone launching so soon after the ‘normal’ version. The main (and incredibly important) difference between the developer edition smartphone and the Galaxy S5 which you can buy from Verizon is that the former comes with an unlocked bootloader. This lets developers and modders do all kinds of crazy things to their phone, so you see why it’s called a “developer edition”.

Samsung Galaxy S5 developer edition

Verizon still refuses to ship its devices with unlocked bootloaders, so the Galaxy S5 you get from Big Red has the bootloader locked, not letting you mod it in any significant way. This is probably done in order to curb possible warranty claims that may occur because of tinkering done on the handset, but it’s still rather annoying if you’re a hardcore modder or developer. Thankfully though, there is now a solution.

Via Droid Life


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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