HTC One M8 with 24ct. gold (or rose gold, or platinum) plating now available for more than $2,500

Gold-colored smartphones are all the rage these days. After Apple introduced the world to the concept, you can barely find a flagship device that doesn’t have ‘gold’ as an option.

But that’s just a color. What about real, actual gold? Well, if you want an HTC One M8 and simply aren’t satisfied with the gold version, you can get one that’s plated with 24ct. gold. Or ‘rose gold’. Or platinum. See how all of those look in the images below, in that order.

htc_one_m8_gold_1 htc_one_m8_rose_gold_1 htc_one_m8_platinum_1

As you may have imagined, buying a gold-plated smartphone is just a tad more expensive than settling for the ‘color’ gold. In the case of the One M8, gold specialist Goldgenie is offering the gold plated model for $2,560.95, the rose gold one for $2,695.95, and the platinum one for $2,830.95.

So if you’ve got some cash to spare (a lot of it, that is), love gold or platinum, and crave the HTC One M8, this could be a great match for you. Obviously these One M8 units are being sold unlocked, so you can use them to impress (or horrify) your friends in “any network in the world”.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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