Tesco planning new Android tablet as well as a high-end smartphone for this year

UK retail giant Tesco made its first move into the mobile world in September of last year, when it announced the Hudl tablet (pictured below). This was an own-brand Android-based offering that came with decent specs and a killer price – just £119.

It apparently was quite a success sales-wise, selling no less than 500,000 units. That’s quite impressive, and apparently Tesco is already planning to release a successor for it. The new Hudl will be out in September, around one year after its predecessor, and will come with “refreshed” specs. We assume it will still be extremely cheap, since we haven’t heard otherwise.

Tesco Hudl

Here’s the kicker, though – Tesco is also going to launch an own-brand smartphone by the end of this year. And, unlike the Hudl tablets, this won’t be competing at the lower-end of the market. Instead, it’s expected to come with specs rivaling those seen in the Samsung Galaxy S5.

It will aim for the high-end, but will be “aggressively priced”, so it may just be another success for Tesco in the mobile space. Unfortunately though, no other details about this device are known at the moment. So if you’re wondering exactly what specs Tesco managed to cram into it, and how much it will cost, stick around and we’ll tell you once we get that info.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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