Galaxy S5 Dx. spotted on Samsung UK website, could it be the Galaxy S5 Mini?

A yet-unseen smartphone has been spotted doing its thing on Samsung’s official website for the UK for a short while. The listing has been taken down, but thankfully someone had the presence of mind to grab a screenshot showing it.

It appears that the handset depicted in the image you see below is called Galaxy S5 Dx. That’s a pretty puzzling name, if it’s actually the final, retail branding, that is – since it could just be a codename used by mistake. As the whole listing was put up by mistake, this very well could be. Or Samsung’s branding people have gone completely nuts. We’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway, if this isn’t actually going to be called Galaxy S5 Dx., then what is it? Well, we assume we’re looking at the upcoming Galaxy S5 Mini, since it features the design of the Galaxy S5, but it’s clearly not that device (see the missing heart rate sensor on the back). Furthermore, the address bar of the Web browser says we’re looking at the handset with the model number SM-G800, and this has so far been thought to be the Galaxy S5 Mini.

The Galaxy S5’s dimpled back cover has made it to this phone, as you can see, and it’s even more colorful than the ‘full size’ S5 – with an additional lime-like color pictured compared to the four that the Galaxy S5 launched in.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Dx leak

However, the black of the Galaxy S5 seems to have been replaced with a grey hue, and the gold version looks different too. All in all, this will be one colorful offering, that’s for sure.

The screen capture above sadly wasn’t accompanied by any additional details, so we still don’t know when the Galaxy S5 Mini will be made official, when it will be in stores, or how much it will cost.

That said, its specs have been comprehensively leaked last month, so we’re expecting it to come with a 4.5-inch 720p Super AMOLED HD touchscreen, an 8 MP rear camera, a 2 MP front camera, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, an IR blaster, and a 2,100 mAh battery. It will run Android 4.4 KitKat.

[UPDATE] Here’s a full-frontal close-up image of the Galaxy S5 Dx, low-res as it may be:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Dx

It’s yet another very recognizable Samsung design, with pretty slim bezels this time though.

Via @evleaks here and here

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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