International Samsung Galaxy S III again said not to receive Android 4.4 KitKat, other devices will

The saga of the Android 4.4 KitKat update for the international Samsung Galaxy S III (model number GT-I9300) continues. And this time around, the news isn’t good for owners of this particular handset. Not good at all, in fact.

Let’s first do a short recap of events. Back in February, Samsung’s US arm officially announced which of its smartphones (sold in the US) would get the KitKat update. Among them, the Galaxy S III. Then just a couple of days later, out of Samsung Poland came (though unofficially) a list of 17 devices that were set to receive the new software. And the internationally-sold Galaxy S III was not among them.

In March courtesy of a leaked document we regained hope, since the Galaxy S III was on the list. And finally (until now, that is), last month we got a new time frame for the release of the update for this handset: late April or early May.

Which brings us to today, when SamMobile published what it claims is an authentic (and confirmed) list of Samsung devices that will be updated to the latest version of Android. As you may have gathered, the Galaxy S III isn’t one of them. The leaked document can be seen below.


We even get a reason for why the flagship from two years ago won’t be graced with KitKat – “unsolved problems”. In another leaked piece of info, this time an internal report from Samsung, we find out what those are exactly. And yes, it turns out this fiasco has something to do with Samsung’s TouchWiz and its own system apps, as many people have thought.


As you can see above, everything was going fine with the creation of the update for the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300), but then the implementation of apps failed and the system status changed to “failed to load system apps”. Hence, the update status is “canceled for now”.

Whether that will ever change is unknown. And yes, you can now make a statement about Samsung’s bloatware and how it hinders progress (at least in this regard).

For owners of other Samsung devices, though, it’s all good news. The KitKat update is set to arrive on the LTE-capable Galaxy Note II this month, which is also when the LTE Galaxy S III will get it. This model has 2 GB of RAM compared to the GT-I9300 we were talking about earlier, so the RAM amount is probably the reason for Samsung not being able to get its system apps into the new software for that smartphone.

Moving on, the Galaxy S4 Mini (and the S4 Mini LTE) is going to be updated in June, as will the Galaxy Grand 2, Galaxy Mega 5.8, and Galaxy Mega 6.3. The Galaxy Note 3 Neo should see the new bits in May.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • zia

    it says app implement:failed. are these specific apps sponsored by samsung like chatOn, samsung link, hangouts etc. or any from playstore?

  • zia

    if these are “its own system apps” like mentioned above then owners of SGS3 I9300 don’t need those crappy apps to be on their handsets.