HTC M8 Ace with plastic casing, top specs, and low price possibly teased in China

Late last month we first told you about the possibility of HTC working on a smartphone codenamed M8 Ace. This, the rumor went, would pair top specs (similar, if not identical to those in the One M8) with a plastic construction (a la the Samsung Galaxy S5) and a very reasonable price.

The aim? Obviously to attack Samsung’s flagship offering, by matching it in specs and build quality while undercutting it in price. This seems like a winning strategy on HTC’s part, and one which could undoubtedly net the Taiwanese company a lot of sales – if it’s something more than a figment of someone’s imagination.

While we can’t be sure whether this is real or not, HTC has started teasing… something via Weibo, the Chinese social network that’s basically the equivalent of Twitter. The images you can see below have been posted over the past couple of days (the most recent one today) to HTC’s official account on Weibo.

HTC China teaser 1 HTC China teaser 2 HTC China teaser 3

They all show the outline of a yet-unannounced smartphone, which very well may be the M8 Ace. We say this because of the upcoming device’s connection with fashion, reiterated in all three posts. Furthermore, one of the posts accompanying the pictures says something along the lines of “fashion(able) does not (necessarily) mean luxury, but things of value”.

From that one could infer that we’re talking about a fashionable, yet affordable item that’s bound to launch soon. The M8 Ace would fit that profile, but it’s way too early to be certain. So stick around and we’ll let you know when we find out more.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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