New HTC Butterfly headed to Asia soon

HTC is apparently working on a new Butterfly-branded smartphone. This will be launched in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and other parts of Asia only. That would not be surprising, given that both of its predecessors have been confined to that particular continent too (at least under this brand, since the first Butterfly was basically a renamed Droid DNA for Verizon).

The new handset will have the same specs as the One M8, except perhaps the rear camera. We may see a ‘normal’ 13 MP unit in place of the Duo Camera featured in the company’s current flagship offering. The new Butterfly will have a glossy body, which means it may be made out of plastic like all of the past members of this line, and not metal like the One series. The new HTC Butterfly has the codename B2 and it will be launched by at least one Japanese carrier (KDDI).


Interestingly, HTC has also been recently rumored to be working on a plastic version of the One M8 itself. This is supposedly going to come with identical (if not better) specs to those of the flagship, yet with a more affordable price. Could this and the B2 (new Butterfly) be one and the same? Maybe. Or maybe the One M8 Ace will be destined for markets outside of Asia. It may come with a slightly different design from the new Butterfly, as well as different branding, but inside they could be similar, if not identical. But all of this is just speculation at the moment, keep that in mind.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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