Moto E and Moto G 4G now available to order, both start shipping in early June

Yesterday Motorola took the wraps off of the new Moto E as well as the improved Moto G with 4G LTE support. Back then the company said that both models would be out in the next few weeks – nothing less vague than that.

Thankfully, though, we have a different picture today. If you’re in the US of A, you can now pre-order both the Moto E (pictured below) and the Moto G 4G from Motorola itself, through its online store.


The Moto E costs $129 and the Moto G 4G is priced at $219. Both devices will start shipping between June 3 and June 6, and in both cases you’ll be charged for the full amount at the moment you place your order.

One thing to note is that above we’ve talked about the Moto E with support for US networks. There’s also a ‘global’ model that will work elsewhere in the world, offered for the same price. If for whatever reason you want one of these, then know that it’s apparently in stock, with delivery taking 4-5 business days.

The Moto G 4G doesn’t have two different versions based on the amount of internal storage like its 3G-only sibling. In this case only one SKU is offered, with 8 GB of built-in space and a microSD card slot for expanding that.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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