Blue HTC One M8 goes on pre-order in the UK, red version shows up in the wild

Remember the blue HTC One M8? We’ve seen this color variant of HTC’s flagship smartphone a couple of days ago in some leaked press renders, and now it’s semi-official.

That’s because one retailer from the UK has started taking pre-orders for it. There’s no mention yet on when it will be available, but the price is exactly the same as that for the other hues. That’s good news, it means that HTC isn’t planning on overpricing the blue model (if ever so slightly) based on its newness.


If you’re in the UK and want to get your hands on the “aqua blue” HTC One M8 as soon as it’s possible, then you should head over to MobileFun and pre-order one. You’ll need £549.99 for the privilege, and you’ll be getting a SIM-free and unlocked unit of course.

Blue apparently isn’t the only new color that HTC is preparing for its superphone. Aside from pink (which we’ve already seen), there’s also red in the pipeline, and live images of a red One M8 doing its thing in the wild have surfaced in the company’s home country of Taiwan. So here they are for your viewing pleasure (via Mobile01):

HTC One M8 red5 HTC One M8 red4 HTC One M8 red3 HTC One M8 red2 HTC One M8 red1

It’s definitely a pretty intense variation of red, and it’s sure to appeal to some. Now all that’s left is for these new colors to get a more global launch. We’ll keep you posted.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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