Samsung boss: 11 million Galaxy S5 units sold already, Galaxy Tab S line unveiling set for June 12

Just a couple of days ago a report came out of South Korea saying Samsung managed to sell 10 million Galaxy S5 smartphones in just 25 days. For comparison’s sake, its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, achieved the same milestone in 27 days.

And today this information has essentially been confirmed by none other than JK Shin, the head of Samsung Mobile. He said that sales of the Galaxy S5 have been better than those of the Galaxy S4 were in its first month of availability. The exec even spoke actual numbers: in its first month, the most recent flagship sold 11 million units, around 10% more than its predecessor.


That may seem like a healthy rise in sales, but let’s not forget that the S5 made its debut in 125 countries simultaneously on April 11, whereas the S4 only launched in 60 at first. However, Shin did specifically name US, Australia, and Germany as countries in which the Galaxy S5 outperformed the Galaxy S4, so there was actual growth at least in some places. Overall, it looks like developed markets liked the new handset more than emerging ones, which is hardly surprising considering the device’s price tag.

The Korean company chose to make the Galaxy S5 water resistant after finding out that 30% of phones brought to its after-sales service centers were there because of water or liquid damage having been inflicted upon them. So this seemed like a very useful feature to have.

In fact, speaking about the Galaxy S5, Shin said that “it may not have eye-popping technology but the features are practical” – which is basically what the company insisted on at the handset’s announcement too. A newfound focus on practicality and stuff that people would want to use day to day, as opposed to gimmicks upon gimmicks upon gimmicks – which is what the S4 felt like it was emphasizing.

Samsung may use a bendable display for the Galaxy Note 4, according to Lee Young-hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business. However, at this point nothing is final and things may change, she cautioned. So let’s all collectively keep our fingers crossed that we’ll see a flexible / bendable / bent screen in the next Galaxy Note. Also, let’s hope it will be one that will prove more useful than the proof of concept found in the Galaxy Round from last year.

Finally, we now have the official unveiling date for the upcoming Galaxy Tab S line: June 12, in New York City. This series will comprise of two tablets, an 8.4-incher and a 10.5-incher, both coming with AMOLED displays – a first for the tablet world since 2011, when Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab 7.7. So far, that’s been its only AMOLED tablet, but this year that’s set to change.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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