HTC M8 Prime leaks in full 360-degree view

Remember the HTC M8 Prime we told you about yesterday? Well, today we get to see it. In 360 degrees, no less.

The super high-end handset that HTC is preparing in order to tackle the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and the LG G3 can now be observed from all angles, in all its glory, thanks to @evleaks (who, incidentally, is also the source for yesterday’s spec-related revelations about the M8 Prime).

So, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the HTC M8 Prime:


It definitely looks a bit different compared to the One M8, and that’s a good thing – people need to be able to instantly tell these two apart. The material used for the phone’s body seems different from the aluminum in the One M8, so perhaps we are actually going to see the first smartphone to sport an Al-SiC casing.

The Duo Camera setup is alive and well (unlike on the HTC M8 Ace which should also be coming soon), but the main snapper now protrudes outward quite a bit, and comes with an interesting-looking orange ring. Otherwise, the design screams HTC, and the front-facing stereo speakers are in too, as (unfortunately) is the black bar above the bottom speaker – an area that serves no purpose other than housing an HTC logo which could have been located elsewhere. At least on the M8 Prime this seems to be marginally smaller than on the One M8.

Needless to say, we don’t yet know when to expect the M8 Prime in stores. Though it will certainly be more expensive than the One M8, so be prepared for that.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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