Gold Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available on May 30 at all the big US carriers

If you’ve always wanted a Samsung Galaxy S5 but so far haven’t been satisfied by the choices you’ve had when it comes to color versions, you’re about to get a lot happier pretty soon. That is, especially if you love gold-colored smartphones.

Samsung has just announced that the gold Galaxy S5 will become available on May 30. It will then be offered directly by AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular. If Verizon is your carrier of choice, fret not, for there will be a gold Galaxy S5 out for Big Red as well, though only through “select indirect retailers”. That means you won’t be able to pick one up from Verizon itself, but other companies such as Amazon (we assume) will gladly sell you one, complete with Verizon-specific price plans.


Although it hasn’t been officially revealed, we expect the pricing of the gold variant of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone to be identical to what you have to pay for the other color versions.

As for the specs, this is the exact same Galaxy S5 as the black and white models – on the inside nothing has changed. Oh, and the gold S5 is still made out of plastic, by the way.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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