ZTE Nubia X6 sells out in 9.8 seconds

When it comes to selling out mobile devices in record-breaking times, Xiaomi is usually the company that comes to mind. It achieves its record sellouts both thanks to the incredibly big number of people who want to purchase its wares and the fact that it releases its products in batches.

This time around, though, it isn’t Xiaomi boasting about selling out of a certain smartphone in a record amount of time. It’s actually ZTE. The company says it sold out of its first batch of Nubia X6 phablets in less than 10 seconds. 9.8, to be exact. That’s… mind-boggling, and it comes to confirm how phablet-crazed Asia is in general (and China in particular).

ZTE Nubia X6 sellout speed

However, ZTE hasn’t made the size of that first batch of Nubia X6 units public, so this achievement may actually be less impressive than it first appears. If we’re talking about 100,000 units, it’s one thing. And it’s quite another if ZTE only had 5,000 handsets to sell on the first occasion. And since it isn’t bragging about the amount of devices sold, just the time it took for them to sell out, the second version is a lot more likely – namely, that this wasn’t a big batch to begin with.

The Nubia X6 will again go on sale on May 27 at 10 AM, though it’s still limited to China. Let’s hope ZTE will provide more units this time around.

Via GizChina

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Christopher Cutler

    They actually don’t let you get those units if you haven’t registered a month back. The customer service has been horrible for this phone. They released a teaser even saying it was coming out the next day a couple weeks ago, and on that day there was nothing. Now you can’t buy online without a registration, and they haven’t called any of the customers back who ordered in store because they are too busy supplying to the online orders and pre-orders from months ago.