Samsung Galaxy S4 Value Edition launches with Android 4.4 KitKat preinstalled

Like Apple, Samsung still sells last year’s flagship smartphone even after this year’s top of the line model launches. In the specific case we’re facing now, we’re talking about the Galaxy S4 from 2013. It’s obviously cheaper than the Galaxy S5, and may serve some people well.

That said, Samsung has just launched a new iteration of the Galaxy S4. It’s called Galaxy S4 Value Edition, and the ‘Value’ in the name seems to come solely from the version of Android it ships with. Stranger things have happened in the mobile world, but this is definitely rather odd.

base_Samsung-Galaxy-S4-i9515-Value-Edition-Silver_1 base_Samsung-Galaxy-S4-i9515-Value-Edition-Silver_2

Back in March we saw the Galaxy S III Mini get its very own Value Edition, but it had a few slightly updated specs compared to the original. Not so with the Galaxy S4 Value Edition, which, in terms of hardware, is identical to the ‘vanilla’ non-Value S4. What has changed ever so slightly seems to be the design of the back cover for the grey model (pictured above), and the fact that the Value Edition comes with Android 4.4 KitKat preinstalled.

However, there’s an update to KitKat for the original S4 as well, and it’s been rolling out for many weeks now. Suffice to say – we can’t really find the point of this Galaxy S4 Value Edition.

Like the S III Value Edition, this model too has been launched in the Netherlands, where you can already order it from one retailer (here in white, and here in silver). It’s priced at €398 sans contract, or you can get it for free with a plan that costs at least €25 per month.

Right now it’s unclear if the Samsung Galaxy S4 Value Edition will ever make its debut in other countries, though we’re not sure if you should care.

Via GSMinfo

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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