HTC M8 Prime reportedly canceled

Yesterday we brought you some info about HTC’s roadmap for high-end devices for the remainder of this year, and apparently two new handsets fitting that description are on the way (we’re obviously not counting the already unveiled One M8 and One E8). These are codenamed M8 Plus and M8 Advance.

But what about the M8 Prime then? Way before we heard anything about an M8 Plus or an M8 Advance, the talk of the town was the M8 Prime, a supposed higher-end version of the One M8 that was going to battle the oft-leaked Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime as well as the just unveiled LG G3.


We even got a leaked render of the M8 Prime (seen above) at one point. So what of it? Well, the M8 Prime has apparently been canceled. So it looks like HTC will only focus on the Plus and the Advance now.

The information comes from @evleaks, who says that “development on Prime has been suspended indefinitely”. Obviously this means there’s a small chance things will resume at some point, but we’re going with ‘canceled’ for now. Nothing has been said as to why this happened, but perhaps the Taiwanese company realized that releasing five top of the line devices in a year was a bit too much. Not that four isn’t, by the way, but it’s a tad more manageable.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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