HTC Salsa is called HTC Weike in China, ditches Facebook for Weibo

Well, what do you know, HTC’s Salsa – one of the company’s two Facebook phones – will be released in China, too. Although it won’t be a Facebook phone there, since Chinese users don’t really care about this particular service (which was blocked there at some point – I’m not sure if it still is).

China’s service similar to Facebook (and Twitter, to some extent) is Weibo. So what did HTC do? It made an HTC Salsa with a Weibo button, of course, and renamed it to HTC Weike. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Reportedly, the Weike will cost about 3,380 yuan ($525).

(photos via Sina)

Apart from providing easy access to Weibo instead of Facebook, the HTC Weike seems to have the same features the Salsa has, including a HVGA touchscreen display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread with Sense UI, 5MP autofocus camera, and an 800 MHz processor.

Via AsiaDroid

Author: Florin

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